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Create a Great Vacation Hot Spot at Home

While it is always great fun to go on a family vacation to someplace you have never been before sometimes it is just as fun to stay home and enjoy one another’s company. Having a stay-vacation or staycation is not for everyone. But don’t fret the idea of a family staycation just yet. According to an article by Forbes, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do at home. From visiting your local museums to going for a bike ride at the local park vacationing at home can be fun and economical at the same time. In fact, kicking back at home can be rather relaxing. Who says you have to travel far from home to get away from everything. An article by Real Simple says just turn off those ringers and don’t watch the news for a couple of days and you will be well on your way to starting your staycation on the right foot.

Be sure that when you are home that your home resembles an exotic place of wonder when you accentuate your home with something marvelous from Balsam Hill. From tropical looking spring flowers to the best in artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands you will be in awe of all that you can do to decorate your staycation home this season and into the next season. Balsam Hill is more than just Christmas decorations. In fact, you will be amazed at the fine selections of color and elegance that you get when you pick out all your home decor from the place that brings the great forest inside. If you are looking to brighten up your staycation home than you have got to check out the fine selections from Balsam Hill. Welcome your homies with a brand new welcome mat. Next, turn your kitchen into someplace totally different when you accentuate your table with candles and fine flower arrangements. From pillows and throws to entertaining accessories you will find what you need to make the best of your stay at your staycation get-a-way. Shop Balsam Hill today and save big with their partnership with Groupon Coupons.

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Turn your home into a staycation hot spot when you shop Balsam Hill. From the best in artificial Christmas trees to tropical paradise décor for your home you will find what you need to make your place the place to be this summer. Be sure to see Groupon Coupons first for lemonade sipping codes and coupons that will save you lot’s of money.

PhuketFit Fitness Vacation Package in Thailand

Performing regular physical activity will help you minimize, even avoid the risk of developing various diseases and improve not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. Some researchers say that constant exercise could add up to five years to those persons who take fitness classes among others lives. Physical activity will also help you stay in shape and take pleasure in your leisure activities, offering substantial social and mental benefits too. Many who have been following a fitness program for a while now, include elements like improved sleep, the ability to reduce stress , having a better life quality and social compatibility on the list of benefits.

The PhuketFit camp in Thailand is based on training and nutrition center that understands the importance of regular exercise, while taking the whole process to the next level – promoting an exhaustive approach to their guests’ health alongside encouraging them to exercise. By having a team of fitness professionals, whose responsibility is guiding and motivating the center’s clients to increase their health and wellness levels, PhuketFit wants to prove the benefits of following healthy behaviors that it promotes. The resort’s fitness experts’ mission is to explain in a comprehensive way that you don’t have to focus strictly on the physical benefits of a fitness program. Inspiring others to improve their health and state of wellbeing starts with helping them understand why they should exercise on a regular basis and how they can achieve the improved health outcome. In other words, as in any other process, education has an important part to play.

The total fitness program will help you achieve an increased athletic performance, improved strength, flexibility and level of fitness in no time. Being one of the fastest and most efficient techniques to transform your body and your lifestyle into a healthy one, it trains each and every part of the body in a comprehensive total fitness program. The first step of this process is a personal program evaluation with an experienced fitness and nutrition instructor. Based on every client’s goals and particular preferences, the fitness professionals will outline a distinctive program together with the resorts’ clients.

After taking a fitness, strength, endurance and aerobic capacity test, in order to personalize the process, you can start the fitness program. Once a week, PuketFit’s guests meet with their personal program coach to track their progress, motivate them and apply modifications if needed. Even though positioned differently, many programs include group fitness classes, yoga classes, Muay Thai kickboxing classes, a health food meal plan (based on 3 daily meals, 2 healthy snaks and 1 natural juice), Thai or oil massages.

How could you not achieve the planned outcome with a compelling training and nutrition program tailored to your needs? And once you return home, you will apply the strategies learned in order to maintain a healthful life. It’s time you changed that sedentary lifestyle so common nowadays and try to prevent heart diseases, obesity, depression, osteoporosis, breast and colon cancer and many other conditions.

Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway

One of the most beautiful road trips you can take in the entire United States is along the Pacific Coast Highway. According to the State of California the Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH is only 130 miles long running from Dana Point to Oxnard, but most folks consider the trip from San Francisco down through to San Diego totalling more than 1800 miles to be the real trip along the PCH. With some of the most breath-taking ocean views, beautiful seaside villages not to mention a trip through wine country, this is one road trip you will never forget.

How Long Does it Take?

Ideally it takes at least a week or more to stop and appreciate everything this trip has to offer. You can either start in the south or work your way north or vice versa. Driving from “top to bottom” gives you the best views of the Pacific Ocean and the chance to stop at some of the beaches and towns along the way. Beaches are not the only attraction along the way, there are a host of cities and seaside towns to stop in and enjoy the culture, and redwood forests if camping is more to your liking.
Places to stop along the Pacific Coast Highway

Cities: If urban attractions are more to your taste, there are some fabulous cities along the PCH. While there are a dozen major cities you can visit along the trip here are a few highlights. Starting from the north is San Francisco where you can find Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz and of course Fisherman’s wharf all the way through to San Diego and the zoo. There are museums, five star restaurants, plenty of nightlife and no end of things to do, relax and enjoy yourself.

Beaches: There are more than 500 miles of beaches along the PCH so finding a place to take a dip into the ocean or take in some sun won’t be difficult. You can do some snorkelling at Carmel River State beach or head down to Monterey and Marina State Beach for some hang gliding. Boardwalk beach is where you will find surfing and it is home to beach volley ball, and if you want to camp and get away from the crowds try Refugio State beach.

Other Attractions: While there are cities and beaches that are a must see along the trip there are some other attractions you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget part of this trip takes you through wine country and there is even a route just for wine lovers. Santa Cruz has some lovely wineries that you can tour and offer tastings, including Testarossa set in a former Jesuit Missionary and one of the oldest wineries in California.

What Time of Year is best?

The trip is stunning at any time of year but the months of July and August are when you are going to find the Pacific Coast Highway the most crowded. Heavy traffic and crowded beaches might not make for the ideal vacation so late June or early September still have great weather and you may get to see and do more.

Whenever you decide to travel the trip will still be exhilarating, but make sure your ESTA application has completed and approved in advance of your vacation.

BEST-KEPT SECRETS of Australian Beaches

New research by Tourism Australia has confirmed Australian beach holidays amongst the best in the world, with six out of ten Australians rating the country’s iconic beach destinations as better than those in Bali, Fiji and Thailand. The Domestic Consumer Demand Survey featured six of Australia’s most iconic beach holiday destinations, popular among domestic travellers:With regards to beaches there’s no denying which Australia continues to be truly blessed. From white sandy seashores for going swimming, surfing as well as snorkelling for the Great Screen reef you will find beaches to match everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of the more favourite beach destinations for an Australian seaside holiday.

Precious metal Coast, Queensland:

Even the Americans are onto the Gold Shoreline. Holiday apartments rentals are hard to snag throughout the peak period, but it’s worth it to get nearer to the the shoreline. The Precious metal Coast is constantly on the attract the crowds with ten zillion people traveling to during 2008 and ’09 looking like a good year have fun with it and take advantage of lower charges on Precious metal coast lodging. Parasailing, drinking water sports, and naturally, a amount of sun worship are definitely the order of the day.

Noosa, Queensland:

Each Walk surfers check out Noosa. Accommodation can be difficult to acquire, but holiday rentals are an excellent choice for increasing your holiday. As one of the few beaches which faces north, even if you’re not observing the surfers in March there are a lot occurring in Noosa year-round. Perform watch upon Alexandria Beachfront – apparel is recommended! >

Vent Douglas, Queensland: 

Port Douglas lodging is difficult to acquire in top season, so book early if you’re wanting this being your seaside destination during the past year. And you will find so a lot of reasons to create Port Douglas your current oceanic vacation spot! Naturally, there’s the truly amazing Barrier Ocean, plus the surfing, after which it the onshore 4 wheel push adventures can be a gas. It is possible to sun year long as very well, without even having to get inside the water.

Byron Bay, New To the south Wales:

Because the Wet packages in, land lubbers through out Oz begin dreaming regarding Byron Bay holiday residences. You most likely are not able owning it but it can be yours to get a week as well as two which has a holiday rental. The white sandy seashores are ideal for sunning, or you possibly can climb the steep shores with binoculars and also gander in the water lifestyle. Both whales upon migration and also bottlenose dolphins are generally spotted here. Parasailing, sliding, surfing and also scuba will also be on provide here. It is usually a very earthy, alternative style hippy region, so you possibly can totally relax from real life as a person bask for the shore.

Jervis Bay, New To the south Wales:

Elements of Jervis tend to be protected national park, and it’s no ponder. Stunningly lovely, you’ll want to plan your current trip beginning to book anything—during the busy institution holiday seasons like Christmas and also New 12 months this is one of the most favourite destinations for the South Shoreline. Everyone and also their dog—and a colony regarding fairy penguins—heads out and about here, or possibly even longer it seems. Only a couple of hours drive to the south of Quarterly report, Jervis has an easy to reach holiday spot to get a long weekend break or lengthier stay. Browse, fish, dive as well as trek inside the Boonderee National Park in your stay. Sea kayaking has additionally recently gotten huge here, so should you tire regarding sunning yourself for the beach you possibly can try it seeing that rentals are readily available. Get your Australian visa today.

7 Things to Remember to Bring For Your Winter Hiking Holiday.

Having the right outdoor clothing and equipment can make a big difference to your enjoyment and safety. Here, we give you a list of the7 Things to Remember to Bring For Your Winter Hiking Holiday.

  1. Walking Boots/Hiking Boots One of the most important pieces of outdoor wear you’ll most certainly need for your walks or hikes is a good-quality of hiking boots or walking boots. Don’t go around wearing the wrong pair of shoes for they may cause blisters, discomfort, sprains, or even more serious injuries.

Always remember that the type of boots you are going to wear will depend on various things. Will you be doing long distanced hikes or short distances? Will you be carrying a heavy backpack? Will you be walking on a relatively smooth ground or will you be trekking on a much rougher terrain with steep ascents or rocky scrambles? These are the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the pair of boots you will be wearing during the hike. Walk properly without sliding back and forth.

It is a given that you remember to wear the proper Walking Socks/Hiking Socks during the hike to provide cushioning and wick moisture away from your feet.

  1. Waterproof Jacket and Waterproof Over-Trousers – Weather in the mountains are highly unpredictable so dress in layers and bring waterproof clothing to make sure that you’re prepared for all eventualities.

Wearing a hoodie or a fleece under a jacket is also advisable since they dry quickly and you can easily stow them away in your backpack. In case of extremely cold conditions, it is best to invest in a down or synthetic-insulated jacket.

  1. H20 – No matter how short a walk or a hike may be, sufficient fluid intake is an essential thing to do. In order to avoid dehydration brought by the evaporation of sweat from the body’s surface during exercise, it is a must for any hiker to bring at least 1 liter of water. Always remember to bring more though, even if you doubt that you don’t need it. Also, make sure to find out ahead of time where you can replenish your water supply; sources may come from public utilities, mountain huts or from nature’s bounty, for which you should pack a water filter or water disinfectant.
  1. Hat And Gloves – You need to keep your head and hands warm with a snug hat and gloves. Wind stopper gloves are ideal as they provide insulation while blocking the wind, and often come with grip pads to allow for finger dexterity. There are also wind stopper hats to protect your head from vicious wind chill. Don’t be fooled: even during the warmer seasons your body can get quite cold; especially when walking at higher altitudes or when it suddenly gets cold, wet or windy.
  1. Walking Maps – No matter how familiar you are with the route, always make sure to take a map with you. There can be a sudden change in plans during the hike like a possible path closure, an injury that requires a shorter, more straightforward route back. You can get simple trail maps from local tourist offices and natural park centers. For extensive purposes, bring a full walking map as well.
  1. First-Aid Kit – Any walker or hiker should make it habit to bring a medical kit with them at all times in case of emergencies. The kit should include plasters of various sizes, antiseptic cream and wipes, cotton balls or cotton wool, sterile pads, gauze, tape, bandage, scissors, safety pins, pain relievers, tweezers, and a small thermal blanket — all placed inside a soft pouch or carry case.
  1. For Emergencies – Bring a whistle, a head-torch, and/or a hand-held torch with spare batteries. You might be bringing cell phones as well however take note that the mountains only have very limited mobile phone coverage.

Pink City, attractions of India

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, is a land of rich cultural and historical heritage that beautifully unfolds the legacy of the royal past of Rajasthan. Jaipur is synonymous with the words royalty, grandeur and opulence it is one of India’s foremost well planned city built by Maharaja Jai Singh II. Though the city is like one of the metropolitan cities of India, it retains its ethnic traditions and customs that are quite surprising for first time visitors. The cultural prosperity of Jaipur is visible in its local fairs and festivals that are held all-round the year. The place itself being a tourist treat with all its elegant forts an majestic palaces, however there are certain monuments among others that deserve special mention and are a must see if you ever happen to find yourself in Jaipur.

Jaipur, lovingly described as the Pink City of India, is the largest and capital city of Indian state of Rajasthan. It is the first well-planned city of India. It is amongst most beautiful Indian cities and widely acclaimed for its beauty and royal charm. This beautiful city was founded on 18th November 1727 by great king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber. Located in the semi-desert lands of royal Rajasthan, this city has been emerged as one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Rajasthan and India tourism.

The forts, monuments and palaces such as Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace and Hawa Mahal are usually sources of pleasure for the inquisitive travelers. In addition dozens of temples and religious places are located in and across the city which makes it a fascinating spot for all those possessing religious inclination. The beautiful landscapes such as Jawahar Circle Garden, Nehru Garden, Ram Niwas Garden and Vidyadhar Garden disperse the aroma of the flowers in the atmosphere around.

Jaipur is acknowledged as the Pink City, and it is celebrated for its majestic buildings and forts. There are several of these old buildings beleaguered around the place, and every building is exclusive. Many hotels in Jaipur India are positioned in these old constructions, and this adjoins to the mystical nature of the place. Hotels in Jaipur are a picturesque jumble of Rajput structural design and contemporary sophistication, and this amalgamation is certain to formulate your stay a meticulously pleasurable one.

Jaipur is not only endowed with wonderful tourist destinations, but the city also boasts of an excellent infrastructure to support its tourism. Jaipur has some of the best hotels in India which truly compliment the scenic and architectural beauty of this Pink City. The city has a number of heritage houses, five stars, accommodation facilities and guest houses that are open all through the year for tourists.

Jaipur tourism is a major part of a tourist’s itinerary in India. The magnificent forts, beautiful havelis and colorful markets make Jaipur one of the most popular tourist destinations in North India. Its proximity to Agra, the city of Taj, further adds to its appeal. It is one of the three destinations of the famous Golden Triangle tour of North India that includes Agra and Delhi.

Udaipur is another lovely city in Rajasthan that attract tourists from far and wide places. This city is known for its number of lakes and hence it is popularly regarded as the “city of lakes”. The city is the major tourist attraction of Rajasthan. Udaipur city is also known for its lake, palaces, gardens, museums and many more.

Author bio:

Sophie writer from USA and a passionate traveler, presently working for Green card which is an diversity visa program to settle in abroad.


Last minute travel booking makes customer with enormous tension and assign them towards with a limited number of booking availability. Once if the person is under trouble sustained booking opportunity instant preference must be made. There are a wider number of websites which may help to the availability of free seats without booking. Last minute hotel deals booking sometimes, make person to trouble and later can enjoy required facilities which they have. While making the selection process for far away destinations prior approaches must be made at high level. Flight deals differ from one systematic information to the other. So it is better to gather wide details from various websites. Last minute booking includes some of guiding approach like,

  • Tension free travel system
  • Offering online sites for upgrading travel information
  • Providing necessary needs of customers and guides
  • Needs of upgrading travel information
  • Utilization of travel information

Tension free travel system

After the completion of ticket bookings is made, it will be much easier for to follow the instruction given during travel. As it is new for customer’s to take a visit to foreign country instructions will be given repeatedly. And loads of entertainment with enjoying factors rise at high level. Nowadays, the economic problem has come down and helps most of travel preferring people to save their financial budget at high level. Tension free occurs only after the visit is made in many of the websites. Since there will be an periodic information change in many online sites periodically.

Offering online sites for upgrading travel information

A Person who made the last minute booking have a chance to get an offer from that particular travel offering company. Most people will not know complete information about that travel arrangement company since it is a last minute booking possibility. This is one of the advantages for customers to know what kind of offering they provide for different travel countries. Probably it may be useful for them to predict future bookings through that reference. Likewise, travel guide will be assigned to provide the required help for travelling customers. Immediately, require needs will be provided as soon as they can offer.

Providing necessary needs of customers and guides

Though all the necessary facilities are given, it does not mean that they have given their best service.They should provide direct guidelines and proper pathway for customers until their travel gets returned to original state. Firstly, there will be a systematic progression design for collecting enormous information for the purpose of customer’s use. If at all the customer has any question to rise and any other queries and they can get clear with the help of travel guides. Travel guides always pay attention in clearing doubts and giving up explanation about that tourism place for   the visitor. During the time of travel, customers will not get into the feeling like they belong to the category of last minute booking.

Needs of upgrading travel information

Upgrading travel information is considered as one of the important ones since they belong to last minute bookings, at times there are possibility to get cancellation of tickets. It happens in unexpected time, so information gathering plays a major role among many customer’s who are under the travel for first time.Information in travel websites keep on changing periodically due to the changes in ticket bookings. Though customers prefer online ticket bookings it may sometimes fail to be favored for the customer’s side.

Utilization of travel information

Utilization of travel information helps the customer to predict their feedbacks after their completion of travel gets end. Sometimes a person gives up positive reviews and provides confidence to travel guide assigning companies.

Top Five Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon is both a highly anticipated gift and a great treasure to be remembered by newly wedded couples. Its uniqueness lasts in memories of the couples for the entirety of their marriage. This could not be any better without making a visit to one of the Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations in India. This raises the question “which is the most vital preparation prior to visiting the honeymoon destinations?” Simply, the most significant preparation to make is to ensure that you are in possession of an India VISA. Once you have acquired an India Visa, you can select your favourite honeymoon destination from the following honeymoon destinations in India.

Kerala is one of the top honeymoon spots in India that is highly known for its naturally beautiful backwater Kerala waters among other wonders that include:
• Sunbathing at Kovalam beach
• Hills of Munnar
• Wayanad
• Numerous tourist spots in Allepey, Kochi/Cochin and Kottayam. Apart from these, Kerala has numerous hidden tourist attractions for couples on honeymoon that will make your honeymoon enjoyable and romantic which include Kollam, Vagamon, and Kumarakam.

Appropriate Months to Visit Kerala

•October to December
•January to March


In India, Goa is one of the most visited honeymoon spots. This is because of its richness in natural beaches, heritage monuments, lush green gardens, famous Portuguese buildings and coconut plants among others. These gives couples a chance to:
• Enjoy romantic walks with their life partners
• Enjoy night beach parties
• Engage in water sports, parasailing, windsurfing and deep sea fishing
• Have a taste of delicious sea foods at various famous restaurants

Highly Recommended Honeymoon Places in Goa

•Agonda Beach
•Fort Aguada
•Betalbatim Beach
•Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Appropriate Months to Visit Goa

• October to February
• March to May

Kullu Manali

Are you looking for an ice-cold place for your honeymoon? Well, Manali will offer you a perfect solution. Kullu Manali is richly endowed with green hills, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains and a big green grass landscape. It is therefore a favourite destination for honeymooners and also best for tourists who are intending to engage in adventure sports.

Adventure Sports at Kullu Manali
• Hiking
• Skiing
• Trekking
• Paragliding
• Mountaineering
• River rafting

Nothing can be more enjoyable than engaging in adventure sports with your newly wedded partner. To experience an ultimate experience the best time to visit Kullu Manali is from October to February.


Darjeeling is famous for naturally beautiful pine trees, mountains, famous toy train journey, local traditional market and pleasant cold climate. Located eight kilometres from Darjeeling city the Tiger Hills makes Darjeeling a wonderful honeymoon spot because of the following:
• Panoramic view of sun rise
• Blissful view of picturesque Darjeeling

There are other tourist spots you should not fail to visit such as;

• Rock Garden
• Singamari
• Kanchenjunga Mountains
• Peace Pagoda
• Batasia loop

For best experience, visit Darjeeling Honeymoon Destiny from September to January


As an ultimate honeymoon destination, Shimla is endowed with a romantic climate that is enhanced by snow covered mountains, swaying fields, green hills, and a gorgeous view of the Himalayas.
Shimla has some of the best natural beauties and numerous tourist places that no couple would like to miss. These include; The Mall, Viceregal Lodge, Christ Church, Jakhu Temple, and Hip Hip Hurray Amusement park among others.

Places you can spend your honey time with your partner include:
• Restaurants
• Fashion shops
• Coffee shops

I would recommend that you visit Shimla either from April to July or October to February for the best experience. Kindly remember to carry your Indian Visa to enjoy your memorable moments in India.


Tips to Finding the Best Sapa Tours around the World

Sapa is often a popular traveller getaway found in this Northwest Foothills of Vietnam. Vacation goers by around the world stop by this area each and every year to help investigate this abundance of natural beauty, this farm villages and take up bicycles and tradition of the area.

The easiest method to investigate areas is with an established and trusted Sapa excursion driver containing substantial information and expertise about the area and may supply you with a travel expertise you can keep in mind pertaining to a considerably long time.
There’s an extensive amount of options available to help investigate areas including a few amazing 5 evening and 4 nights possibilities. Soon after turning up within Haya Noi spent the night time about the educate to help Laccai: Taphin Town where by you investigate this grain career fields and villages. In which nights spent a realistic nights with a regional family as a member of their residence.
The next day you head to Cat CatVillage where by you feel cultural songs. Move on to help Bac Haya where you can invest some time looking inside regional marketplace, purchasing mementos pertaining to house prior to deciding to reunite about the educate to come back to help Haya Noi. This specific is amongst the popular Sapa travels in which will provide you with a total cultural expertise.


The location can be overflowing with cultural minorities, promoting the initial chance to take up bicycles and tradition in which enters this wonderful location of Vietnam. Many of the things to incorporate in your current Sapa excursion should be to test the area cooking, investigate this landscapes and stop by Sapa Sea.
The actual Sterling silver Waterfall is often a have to discover whenever visiting areas which is solely 16 a long way in the village center. The actual Natural stone Chapel can be another emphasize in which mustn’t be have missed.

It is significant while you are contemplating reserving Sapa travels you select a respected firm to assist you along with your travel programs. The business really should have substantial information and expertise in your neighborhood and supply you with a well-rounded vacation where you can discover and investigate all this superb position offers.

Just before generating just about any remaining arrangements, it really is recommended to line yourself the travel price range and see how long you’ve got pertaining to travel, be it several, 5, twenty or more days to weeks. On this facts, in conjunction with readily available schedules start researching with the readily available Sapa travels to obtain the greatest match according to your current requirements.

Mainly because this area is quite cultural, it really is essential you pick a great driver containing the ability in your neighborhood, an agent that may provide you a realistic travel expertise, including staying in a neighborhood house on an night with a family, mastering up to you possibly can concerning these and sharing a family group food together just before moving out morning.

If you are currently carried out your research about the area and you involve some perception of this places you intend to investigate, discover a great driver that may supply you with a customized Sapa excursion to satisfy your current actual prerequisites.

Price may are likely involved inside your determination, this is understandable. Assure any organization you decide on includes a beneficial online status. Will not make use of the customer testimonials you get on the web page, but instead take time to analysis just about every driver on their own by keying in their label directly into your current search engine and experiencing this independent evaluate web-sites and travel boards. This will likely enable you to discover trustworthy company accounts by prior and provide customers, ensuring that you will be generating the most effective determination have fun with a total vacation expertise.

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Amy Lawson is a Passionate blogger.She works on behalf of Sri Lanka Visas. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger,she shares her experience through her articles on Travel,Education, Technology, Parenting and many more.


Best Holiday Destinations In India – Ranthambore Jeep Safari Tour

India is said to be the most diverse country in the world. It has the coldest places in Kashmir, highest rainfall region of Cherrapunji, one of the driest places called the Thar Desert. It is even bounded by beautiful beaches on three sides. Moreover it also has snow capped mountain ranges called Himalayan Mountains. Not only it has a mixture of various geographical features but also has a mixture of cultures and languages. Despite of all these geographies and diverse people, it is operated as a single democratic country.  By exploring some of the best holiday destinations in India, you can understand its features.image

  • Jammu and Kashmir includes three geographical regions called the Jhelum valley, Indus valley and southern mountain range. Kashmir was called as Heaven on earth and was one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  • Kerala which is known for its backwaters is situated on the tropical and lush Malabar Coast. Being one of the popular destinations in India, Kerala is named as one of the ten paradises of the world. Kerala is popular for it healing massages, backwaters and ecotourism initiatives.
  • Goa is another popular holiday destinations in India and it is known for its pristine beaches. This city has two major tourist seasons. During winter season tourist from abroad will visit here whereas in summer season, tourists from across India arrive here to spend their holidays.
  • Rajasthan is well known for its architecture, mighty forts, blossoming gardens, sandy dunes, outstanding monuments, and shimmering lakes. All these attractions made Rajasthan as one of the top tourist destinations in India.
  • Golden Triangle is said to be the tourist circuit which includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It is so called because of the triangular shape which is formed by joining these three different locations on the map. These three cities are extremely popular among foreign tourists and natives as the best holiday destinations.


Author Bio: Faiz Alam is author of this post. He loves to visit different travel places and stay in hotels in Ranthambore in India. His one of the best tour is Golden Triangle Tour, he loves to visit it again and again…